Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Management of International Business Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3250 words

Management of International Business - Essay Example This report will analyse the PEST analysis of the country to describe the external condition which can affect the business of the particular company. The report includes the SWOT analysis of the company to enter in the new market. It is a popular tool for analysis of strategic position of a company and business environment. The main reason for conducting SWOT analysis is to identify the strategies that can be aligned with company’s strengths in the environment where it will operate. Through SWOT Analysis company can evaluate its weaknesses and negative factors which can affect its success. It reveals the opportunities and threats from external business environments and accordingly helps to create strategy to tackle them. This report will provide information on the approach of Corporate Social Responsibility of the prospective company. Finally this report will evaluate the possible entry strategy of the company by utilising certain useful methods. The country which is being sel ected for this report is India. The reason for choosing India is that it has one of the rich cultural legacies in Asian Region. During past 63 years after independence India has shown good economic progress. At present India has become one of the top industrialised countries internationally (NIC, 2005). Indian Economy is the fourth biggest economy according to PPP (Purchasing Power Parity) which is extremely important for a company to operate their business. India has become one of the ‘most attractive destinations’ for foreign companies and FDI (Foreign Direct Investment) because it possess enormous manpower base, strong macro economic condition, and diversified natural resources. Since the year 1991, India have been maintaining good investor pleasant environment by its existing liberalised policy structure (INDIA.GOV.IN, n.d.). India maintains law and regulation which is indispensable part of successful business. India ensures that all companies are performing as per legal framework of the country. The company which is chosen for this report is Apple Inc which comes under computer hardware, software & consumer electronics industry. There are two major reasons for choosing Apple Inc. The first reason is that it’s headquarter is situated in the US and it is a foreign multinational enterprise. Also it is one of the biggest technological companies in the world (Newton, 2011). And the second reason is the fact that Electronics and IT industry is one of the fastest developing industries in India. The Host Country India has been chosen in this report because it has long tradition in technology. It has shown great achievement in technological segment since last few decades. India is capable of meeting national needs, and it has developed as minimum dependence on other nations for satisfying the needs. India is up to date with nearly all modern and advance technology and can absorb readily new technologies for future development (NIC, 2005). Along with liberalisation in foreign investment and export–

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