Monday, January 13, 2020

Problem or Success of Implementing Tourism Essay

The problem that has face by the owner of the Salak Denai Chalet is promotion to promote their service. They only promote their service via customer, facebook and blog only. But, facebook and blog not actively yet. Besides, the chalet that they build was doesn’t have a plan and Majlis Daerah Yan was issued a summons to their business. Then, they had to spend a lot of money to hire the architect to draw plan to settle the problem with Majlis Daerah Yan. Besides, they have a lot of competition with other chalet around there that they was provided a better service and comfortable place to the customer. Sustainable and environmental affects towards project In every chalet at Salak Denai,its has their own pool. Only a river water of Batu Hampar that use to fill the pool. Besides, the owner of the chalet not use a chlorine to maintain the water cleaning. The owner of the chalet still preserve the natural condition of the forest. He always make sure that the area of surrounding was clean. The strength and success story of project The strength and success of project is Salak Denai has a five chalet with every chalet has their own pool. This success of project can was attracted the customer to rent the chalet. This chalet give more privacy to the customer when they want to picnic with their family.The owner of the chalet is more concern about the ‘aurat’ of the muslim and he was highlighted this project in his business. So, the customer do not have to worried anymore about the ‘aurat’ of their family because they get more privacy to swimming. This chalet become popular after he was organized his daughter wedding ceremony here. Now, every weekend and public holiday, this chalet was fully booked until March 2013. Only the weekday has no reservation from customer. Proposed new marketing plan As we know, this chalet was fully booked every weekend until March 2013. So, the owner must have a plan to build more chalet to accommodate the demand of the customer towards this chalet. In addition, the owner shall register the service with the minister of tourism so that all tourists can get information about the activities of Salak Denai chalet easily. Besides that ,owner must actively involve in the social network to promote the service The annual update about the info always like put pictures chalets along the information, update new-items added to the chalet and put the best service to compete with the newar chalets. How tourism can contribute to environmental conservation Salak Denai chalet use travel system which can preserve the natural condition such as using natural river water flowing into the pond in the chalet, built a house with the original wood from the trees and so on. Futhermore , owner of Salak Denai chalet not use substance can pollute the nature condition in that chalet area.

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